Important factors to improve my android app ratings.

Cause the virtual world is much beyond our imagination, the competition that hides behind is unimaginable. Application development is as important as its marketing. Well app ratings amiably decides the installation rates of the app. It is highly significant as far as establishment of the app in the stores is concerned. Ratings are the essential elements of the app business. So here we do discuss a few relevant points regarding the same.

Personal exposure.

It seems that, buying iOS android app downloads is not the solution alone to enhance

iOS and Android app reviews and ratings . The initIal work starts at a  very personal level. It is not always necessary that the experienced app promotion service providers will provide you an efficient service to such an extent that your online app business might explode to success. Therefore, it is important to flourish your social exposure to a healthy number of maybe 10000-20000+ followers on Facebook and twitter. There, shall be I say at least a 1500 app installers at the initial stage that very well goes with the saying,”something is better then nothing.”

Idea exposure and relevance test.

So, the app needs to be an appealing and attractive concept , unique enough to beat other apps in the similar field. But the question comes here, how shall the relevance and the validity of the app be checked. The same idea, a well established exposure. You might get to link up with some professionals and app experts to comment on your ideas and a few thousand of fellow followers to admire your app. So working from the girth of your idea can be a help to boost mobile installs considerably.

Online app launch

The AppStore and android page shall forever hide your creation until and unless you take trouble to expose your ideas. Probably, a go daddy website on an initial basis might help. There can be your personal blogging page besides Facebook , twitter, instagram advertisements to make you visible online.

In the same procedure uncover all features your app might possess , may be any seasonal discounts, or in app contests that shall immediately lure visitors to your app.

Legendary step – App Store optimisation 

The apple AppStore might not even care publicising your app. Under such consequences buying AppStore reviews might fail to improve the iOS app reviews and ratings.  Recently, apple had started slamming on fake reviews. So optimisation of the app is a necessary step to enhance the App reputation. For an instance the title name of the app must be impressive and simple. The icon must be attractive to the potential customers, and the best screenshots must be up for advertising the app. ASO is a bit budget bothering , but if it is properly implemented then it can provide loads of benefits more than buying an app review and false ratings for any android phone.

Paid ads.

Paid advertising is a trend. Well, deviating from iPhone to android, there is a plenty of scope for flourishing in this field besides buying android apps, play store reviews, and app reviews android to push up the graph of improving app reviews and ratings. 

Coming back to iOS, some social platforms are comfortably affordable for the app developers, for instance, Facebook. If you want to promote a travel app, for example, you can improve you budget upon advertising may be some, special discounts on exotic tours, or , a beauty app might advertise a contest through the concept of paid ads in the software platform.

LTV of a customer.

Life Time Value of a customer is a must research for all app developers lest the aforementioned strategies might fail. 

Customers shall not be such, that they install the app but does not retain to use it and uninstall it at the very first instance. The cost per installation works a lot in this context. Per installer expenses might be comparatively higher than the Life Time Value of the customers. This generally leads to incurring huge loss than any other procedure of app promotion.

App review that are bought works considerably on app promotion. Bought ratings from App Store keeping in mind not to inject a suspiciously huge  number of false stars that might otherwise prove detrimental to the interest of the app developer and publisher.


Here is the list of a few reliable app review sites for Android,

  1. AndroidTapp- If you are in search of a perfect platform to expose your talent in the field of software and app development, here it is! Cause AndroidTapp provides a complete package of the craziest updates and customer demands, besides the experienced and explicitly adoptable recommendations,  and the additional gift of live interviews with mobile app developers. It would be a golden opportunity if you are selected for these interviews, perhaps it would be working a lot on the best marketing strategies that you can afford, with the perfect exposure needed for your app.
  2. AppBrain- well, briefly summarising the chitin of the site: . It has a ‘ catalog-style data base’. Well, this is appreciable because you can search your preferences. Also, it will keep you appdated. You get to know about the latest publicly appreciated and accepted apps and their respective reviews. Just present your app, justly, and leave the rest of the work to be done by the brain.
  3. AndroidLib- it is another topper of the list of the Android App review sites. Well, it is a public representator of your app. Your app is presented to be reviewed by the users. It opens a public platform, rather a forum for your app to be reviewed by the future customers of the App.

A few examples of the iOS app review sites include

  1. AppVee is declared to be the ‘ “largest and most extensive” resource of video reviews for iPhone apps’. All you need is to convince the utility of your app for AppVee to work upon the rest so that your app is featured prominently on their website.
  2. Freshapps is quite a reputed app of the same genre. It is quite loveable amongst app developers. This provides the most appropriate virtual representation of the app to the reviewers.
  3. The Daily App Show is a treasured app review site amongst app developers because it provides an explicitly filtered review of the latest apps and checks on its updating procedure regularly.
  4. Apptism is quite different from the others because, it owns an ‘easy to use UI and a navigation feature’, and this serves perfect because it makes the search of the users quite effortless.
  5. 148Apps as the name suggests provides reviews for the top 148 various apps( may be the paid ones, the latest craze of the crowd and the gaming apps)  for the iPhone.
  6. Iusethis although the name sounds quite ridiculous, is also a demanded app review site of the iOS cause one gets the chance to submit the apps for review besides commenting and voting for the app.

Buying App downloads.

Well, buying app reviews is not the only key to a sky high app business. The entire package of app business and the related success includes buying app installs for your mobile. Now in this case the maximum demanded site is CPI Droid. It is a reputed agency. Perhaps, it consists of a ‘customer chat window and services to choose from’. Only at the rate of 0.1USD it provides installs at the rate of 15000-25000 installs per day. Further directs genuine, provides rating services to android apps and the iOS apps to attain a higher position in the app stores. Well, it has become a trend to resort to short cuts to success. Luring customers by artificially inflating downloads accurately benefits the app business.

Increase in net traffic towards your app leading to cross the marginal value of 10000+ downloads tends to lure many potential customers. Perhaps, it marks the app a potent one to feature the stores. Artificial feedback basically proves to be a good choice when it comes to app business, in case you don’t one to opt for traditional business strategies.

How to buy app downloads?

Firstly, the service provider must be reliable. Remember, in case you opt for buying app downloads, be specific with the rhythm or the genre of your app. Next decide If you want to globally start the business or go on for local influence, may be by analysing the orthodox tech savvies of Mumbai. This way you cone to know about the potential users of the app. This helps in analysing the potential of your app in luring customers. After detailed study of your customers, go forward to choose a package of app downloads from your app service provider.

Increasing app ranking.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, one must externally decorate the app with lucrative offers and vouchers to lure most customers to your portal. Maybe, linguistic equality can even impress customers globally. With a large number of app downloads, there is an automatic increase in the app rank.


Necessarily not to be ignored why artificial reviewing is required, is basically due to user inactivity while using the app. Perhaps users avoid unnecessary review pop ups while using the app. Inadequate user response despite the dire need to feature amongst the top ranked apps to establish permanent app visibility in the app stores is why the developers run for buying app reviews besides buying mobile installs, android and iOS app rating and rankings.