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I like to pride myself on having a wonderful memory. However, this year I have become responsible for a variety of new things and needed a place to store my passwords. I also needed help creating new ones. I was using another app before using this one, but I didn’t like the layout. This one is perfect and easy to use. Although you have to pay for membership to access certain features, the company sends out promotions all the time so you can probably save money in the long run top aso company. Glad I made the switch!

Beautiful, easy to use and the perfect amount of features. I’ve used several big name password managers, and this strikes the best balance between security and convenience. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it just /works/, pretty seamlessly across platforms. Also, the secure notes feature is the easiest to save and access of any password manager I’ve used. Plus, the animations and achievements are adorable app store optimisation agency!

I loved the cutesy animations and all so I put all my passwords onto the app (knowing that it’s the free version and it’s only a trial). After the trial was over, I wasn’t able to access ANY of my passwords because it says I registered these passwords on another device. What other device? My phone is the only device I have! I tried writing them through the /support page but haven’t heard back. There’s no phone number or actual email so I can keep track! If someone from the company is reading this, please contact me ASAP!

So I’m using RememBear on my phone which I’ve always done and no other device at the time of this review. For whatever reason it reset itself and won’t recognize my phone as the only device I’ve ever had it on. Well I used my master key to try to restore it and all of my logins/passwords are greyed out and I really need to access a password and the application that I would use the password on is gonna make me wait TWO weeks to reset my password. WTH!!

Okay, so I used MasterLock Vault for many years. Loved it, never had an issue. Kept my whole life in there – on all of my devices. It was free – and flawless. Then out of nowhere, they notified users that they were discontinuing the password keeper. UGH! app store optimization services I spent a couple of weeks searching the App Store for a new password keeper. I must admit, I was initially drawn to the cute bear on this app. I love how he moves with what you’re searching or typing. If he can’t find something, he even shakes his head with his little paws to his face and looks emBEARassed! He’s adorable.