Tricks for more reviews on gaming app

What does one do once you have free time to pass? a number of us go browsing on social networking sites while a serious chunk of iOS and android users play games. Games are one among the foremost widely installed apps within the App Store. What better thanks to pass time then playing games? Especially when there are many options to settle on from. auto racing , puzzles, Sudoku, chess, arcade games and what not. there’s something for everybody .
According to statistics of 2017, gaming apps makes up about 40% of App market followed by social networking apps. In 2017, the smartphone gaming market make 46.1 billion USD worldwide and is predicted to rise to about 52.7 billion USD by the top of 2018. This whooping figure only shows the potential that the gaming market has. Gaming apps are relatively tough to create as they have advanced designing tools also as sophisticated algorithms but they are doing have more profit earning potential.
The once played Ludo family game is one such to seem into. Ludo King re-started the craze of this once played game and it now features a total download of quite 1000000. This case shows the majority of opportunities lying within the gaming section. the highest performing gaming apps like Clash of Clans and Hill Climb Racing have milestone of their own.


An Overview
As discussed above, we now know what lies within the gaming section. Opportunities are many then are the challenges which are growing day by day. There are already tons of gaming apps within the iOS store also as Play Store and a serious chunk of the market is occupied by top companies and organisations. The newbies are left to struggle amongst themselves and few small rivals. one among the factors behind this is often the recognition . The new comers have already got a coffee visibility and along side it, they need to constantly continue with the competition for survival.

How can reviews help you?
Reviews are the reflection of what your app has got to offer. an honest app with good reviews features a good market to appear . allow us to start from scratch. When people are trying to find an app, they look for the app within the iOS App Store. they are going through the rating then read the reviews if they think that the sport is sweet . this is often normal too. Most of the games have in-app purchases and therefore the file size is large too. Therefore, before making the choice of choosing a game, they are going through the reviews just to make sure that the sport is sweet to travel .

Problems then?
You know the importance of app reviews. But the way to get them? There are actually tons of problems related to getting reviews. Let’s have a glance into a number of them.
Most people don’t take up time to write down reviews. it’s seen as a lengthy task and actually it’s . this is often the rationale most of the reviews and feedback space within the App Store remain empty.
The most worrying is that the absence of users. likelihood is that there that despite being an honest app, you’re not getting enough users for your app. Other chance is that your game has some problems and other people don’t prefer your app.

How get unique iOS app reviews for my gaming app?
If you’ll relate to at least one or both of the points above, then we’ve some tips to assist you out. Let’s mention a number of the methods to urge unique reviews for your app.
Ask out: Be simple . most of the people don’t write reviews because it’s seen as a waste of your time and sometimes they don’t even concentrate to the necessity to write down review. So to urge review, you would like to invite out your user. After installation, send a personalised mail or a greeting and invite review. Be as creative as possible.
In-app Ads: Include some in-app dialogs posing for reviews. you’ll creatively include in-app ads targeted for users. this manner you’ll get the reviews you would like .
Reward them: Promise to supply few rewards or game boosters if an user reviews your app. By putting rewards you’ll increase chances of getting reviews.
Level up strategies: Whenever an user levels up, ask them to review and rate your app through a brief video clipping followed by an redirection link. confirm that you simply time it properly though. Ads are often irritating and thus utmost case should be taken. don’t over do regardless of what.

Can this be simpler?
Of course. It can. As told in most of our previous articles, the simplest thanks to get reviews is to but them. Now a number of you would possibly consider this as unethical, but within the fierceness of the app market, the sole thing that determines your success is your app popularity and zip else. Here are the few places where you’ll look out for getting reviews.
Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, you’ll ask them to write down good user reviews and provides ratings for your app and you’ll even ask them to download your app. There are variety of freelancers hiring websites where you’ll post your ad and obtain your work done.

App Review websites: tons of app review websites provide with an choice to get app reviews and ratings. These websites have an outsized number of active users who are paid to write down well customised reviews for your app and also give good ratings. the simplest part is that each review is organic and there’s no chance of your app being marked by Google.

Marketing Firms: Many marketing agencies provide packages of app review and ratings. they need plans counting on your requirement of ratings. Once you decide on a package, these firms ask their support staff to write down user ratings and also provide ratings to your app.

App Support websites: There are few websites which take care of your marketing needs and also allows you to shop for user ratings and reviews at considerable prices.