If Buying App Reviews Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

This is an easy to use, straight forward journal app with some nice features. Also, it’s far less expensive than some of the other overpriced journal apps, like Day One. The biggest downside for me is that the app only links buy reviews android to Dropbox, and not with any other cloud based storage, so it forces the user to purchase an expensive Dropbox subscription if data is to be synced across platforms. Simply allowing iCloud would make this app a must-have for journaling. The developer took the time to reply to my review and provided information about why Dropbox is currently the only sync option available. With that information I’ve updated my review from three to five stars. Also I’ve used the app for a longer period and it is a really cool app. Most of the other similar apps are so overpriced and involve an annual subscription. This app is affordable and worth every penny.

This is my preferred way for an app to be developed – free, ad supported version, with a one time payment option for those of us that want to upgrade / support the developers.I’m over every company thinking consumers want to pay a subscription for every service. Like others, I was using another journaling service who decided to move to a subscription model. And like others, I was upset by this and searched for a new app.

I’ve found that this app is just as good at a fraction of the price. Same features (journaling, photo support, locations, tagging, cloud storage). If you’re on the fence about it, give it a try! It’s free to download, so you have nothing to lose.As someone that has been using this app for a couple years in a few different devices I can safely say this app is a must have for anyone.

 I’ve been able to keep track of all kinds of things using a fairly decent set of tools and filters they give you. I bought the premium and I love the cloud storage solution. There honestly isn’t anything original about this app but it is so well put together I could never see another app taking its place.

I have been journaling with buy app installs for android Diaro for 3+ years. I was shocked last week when the program crashed and my posts were gone. No problem, I had set up DropBox for backups. Well I had only done a few backups (no auto backup on free version). I contacted Diaro support, Mr A Milli contacted me and started to work on my issue. Over a period of several days, he assessed the problem, developed some software to extract my data from hidden files on my tablet. Success, I got all of posts back. When I expressed my deep gratitude, Mr Milli simply said, “that’s my job, to find and restore your data.” I am upgrading to Diaro Pro for automatic backups. Five stars to a great support team. Joe S